1. Since the elbows are mostly used for welding after leaving the factory, the pipe fittings manufacturers need to carry out relevant inspections on the elbows before leaving the factory for the welding quality of the elbows. There are rules for the number of viewpoints and the size of the error. The ends are all turned into bevels, the surface quality and mechanical function are basically the same as those of the pipe. For the convenience of welding, the steel grade of the pipe fittings and the pipes to be connected is the same.

2. Inspection of the appearance and size of the elbow: In order to make the size of the elbow qualified after leaving the factory, we have actually calculated the relevant size before cutting the material, but due to mass production, it is inevitable that there will be differences in individual lengths. So we need to re-inspect before leaving the factory. For example, use a ruler to measure the length of the outer arc and inner arc, the size of the caliber, and the deviation of the thickness to ensure that the dimensional error range of the elbow is within the tolerance. Furthermore, the material of elbow needs to be tested before coming to the factory to ensure that the material will not go wrong, and the hardness needs to be tested again.

2. For elbow manufacturers, all pipe fittings must be treated on the surface, and the oxide scale on the inside and outside is sprayed off by shot blasting, and then coated with anti-corrosion paint. This is for export demand, and moreover, domestically, it is also for the convenience of transportation to prevent rust and oxidation, and work in this area must be done.

Elbow manufacturer has a long service life: under the extra temperature and pressure, the service life of the pipe can reach more than 50 years, and it has anti-radiation and anti-ultraviolet rays so that the product will never fade. According to requirements, a circular ring shell can be cut into four 90° elbows or six 60° elbows or other standard elbows. This process is suitable for making any elbow with a ratio of the middle diameter of the elbow to the inner diameter of the elbow greater than 1.5. Standardizing large elbows is an ideal way to manufacture large carbon steel elbows now.

3. Elbow manufacturers have requirements for packaging. For small pipe fittings, such as export, they need to make wooden boxes, about 1 cubic meter. It is stipulated that the number of elbows in this box should not exceed one ton. This standard allows packaging, That is, the big set is small, but the total weight generally cannot exceed 1 ton. For large y, it is necessary to pack it individually, like 24′, it is necessary to pack it individually. The other is the packaging mark, which is to indicate the specification, steel number, batch number, manufacturer’s trademark, etc.

The elbow is mainly used to connect two pipes with the same nominal diameter to make a 90-degree turn for the pipe. The national standard elbow is a pipe fitting that changes the direction of the pipeline. We may have seen the push machine, it is actually very simple. The straight seam elbow is exquisite in appearance and precise in the specification. It is widely used in large-scale projects such as natural gas, edible oil, petroleum, and water treatment.

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