When tapping the DN1500 large-diameter flange, the choice of tapping oil is also very important. In order to extend the service life of taps and improve the quality of external thread production and processing, the following key points should be paid attention to.
Tapping oil contains a large number of fluoride preservatives, special vulcanized fat oil and special lubricating preservatives. Due to its extremely high wettability, it can effectively reduce the drilling temperature and obtain a very high drilling accuracy. It has been successfully applied to difficult drilling of various difficult-to-process materials, such as high-speed milling, drilling, tapping, washing, hobbing and planing of stainless steel and heat-resistant steel.
The use of special tapping oil for stainless steel plates in the processing of large-diameter flanges has good results and can be used directly. In addition, you can also choose to tap floor essential oil and motor oil to prepare independently, but the preparation must be appropriate. If the lubricating effect of tapping oil is not good, the smoothness of the tapped thread will be poor, and the tap friction will be large. Tapping oil must have good cooling, lubricating and antirust effects. If the cooling effect of the tapping oil is not good, the tap will stick to the teeth easily, that is, the thread of the tap and the surface of the ulnar side are easily to stick to the stainless steel cutting.
DN1500 large diameter flange
Tapping oil is suitable for the lubrication of stainless steel plates, carbon steel, light metal, and rare metal products such as tapping, tapping and other processing techniques. It also has high-efficiency lubrication and cooling effects for difficult tapping places.
Large-diameter flanges generally have vertical welding flanges and butt welding flanges. There is no large diameter for threaded flanges. In actual manufacturing and sales, vertical welding products still account for a large proportion. The structure and application scope of the vertical welding large-diameter flange and the butt welding large-diameter flange are different, and the characteristics and advantages that can be presented will also be different. Therefore, it is necessary to apply to different fields during application to ensure that the flange fully plays a key role.
Large-diameter flanges are mainly used for piping system software in the fields of crude oil, gas, chemical plants, hydropower projects, engineering buildings, and heating furnaces. The basic process of large-diameter flange forming: according to the needs, a circular shell can be cut into four 900 bends or six 600 bends or bends of other specifications. This process is suitable for manufacturing bends Large and medium-sized curved pipes of any size with a ratio of the middle diameter of the pipe to the inner diameter of the curved pipe exceeding 1.5 are ideal methods for producing large and medium-sized pressure-resistant curved pipes at present.

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