What is the function of the gasket in the flange?

In the installation of large flanges, the gasket is an indispensable part. The main function of the gasket is to strengthen the sealing performance and ensure that there is no pipeline leakage. However, different transmission media, different temperatures, and different pipeline maintenance frequencies are different. , will affect the choice of flange gaskets.
The surface treatment of large flanges is a necessary process. Whether the customer requires it or not, we usually apply a layer of anti-rust oil on the flange surface to prevent the product from being rusted and damaged. But sometimes, some very special treatment needs to be done to the surface of large flanges.
Flange gasket Compared with the production of large flanges, the production of flange gaskets is relatively simple, because it does not require heavy equipment such as presses, and does not require particularly fine craftsmanship. However, it should be noted that the flange gasket must match the specifications of the flange and the characteristics of the medium conveyed by the pipeline. The former is mainly the water line of the flange, and the latter includes the temperature of the conveyed medium. , pressure, and frequency of pipeline maintenance. After these conditions are determined, the supporting large flange gaskets can be produced.
In addition, the price of large flange gaskets also varies with product quality. For some unprofessional small manufacturers, the gaskets they produce are relatively poor in quality and performance, so if you want to choose flanges with guaranteed quality For gaskets, it is still necessary to choose a professional manufacturer, especially for gaskets made of metal, you should order from professional manufacturers. And if the project quality requirements are not high, and asbestos or rubber gaskets are used, in order to save costs, of course, small manufacturers can also be selected, but there are gains and losses. In order to ensure the quality of the project, it is best to carefully weigh the pros and cons.
In some cases, large flanges will be deformed during use. In order to effectively prevent the deformation of the flange during welding, we can use a special processing method. grooves and radiate to the edge in a fan shape.

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