Today we are going to talk about Parts of the Pressure Pipe Fittings.

Pressure pipe fittings refer to all pipes subject to internal or external pressure, regardless of the medium in the pipe. Pressure piping is a part of the pipeline. The pipeline is used to convey, distribute, mix, separate, discharge, measure, control and stop fluid flow. Pipe fittings are composed of pipes, pipe fittings, flanges, bolt connections, gaskets, valves, other components or assembly composed of pressure parts and support parts.

Pipeline fittings line engineering is a project that uses pipes, pipe fittings, valves, etc. to connect the starting station, intermediate station and terminal station of the pipeline to form a pipeline transportation line. It is the main part of pipeline engineering. it includes:

1. Pipeline body engineering. That is, a project that is welded into a whole by pipes and pipe fittings.

2. Pipeline protection structure engineering. Including pipeline inner and outer wall anticorrosion, pipeline insulation and other projects. The common method of pipeline anticorrosion is coating anticorrosion plus cathodic protection.

3. Pipeline crossing project. Including projects crossing railways and highways, projects crossing rivers and canyons, tunnel projects crossing mountains, projects crossing unfavorable geological areas, etc.

4. Line ancillary works. Including branch lines, pipeline fittings and valve facilities for reserved lines, emergency shut-off valve devices, pipeline exhaust or liquid drainage facilities, pipeline line inspection instruments, line protection and pipe stabilization structures, support structures for ground erected pipelines, line signs, etc. The construction procedure of the pipeline project is to first select the route, that is, to determine the basic direction of the pipeline from the starting point to the endpoint, that is, to determine the plane position of the pipeline fittings; design; construction as designed. The construction procedures for buried pipelines include line development, pipe preprocessing (usually including welding two pipes into one pipe, derusting pipes, and coating anti-corrosion layers), trenching, pipe transportation and layout, pipe bending and assembly, Welding, quality inspection, pressure test, trenching, backfilling, landform recovery, setting signs (such as mileage piles, buried location signs, crossing signs, aviation inspection signs, etc.).

pipe fittig elbow
pipe elbow
induction bend

LONGTAIDI is the Largest manufacturer of piping in Northern China, manufacturing and exporting with the below category,

1. Steel fittings, flange (carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel)
2. Cladded(Weld-Overlay) pipe, fittings, flange & MLP (Mechanical Lined Pipes)
3. Pre-fabrication, piping spools etc.

LONGTAIDI is a TOP 3 manufacturer of Cladded piping (welded-overlay) & MLP (Mechanical Lined Pipes, Patent Owned) from China.
The main markets are Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, Refineries, Power plant, LNG, and FPSOs.

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