Traceability is the ability to trace all processes from procurement of raw materials to production, consumption and disposal to clarify “when and where the product was produced by whom.” Due to improving product quality and the rise in safety awareness in recent years, traceability has been increasing in importance and spreading into a wide range of fields. Our factory has a strict tracing marking process from raw materials to producing procedure.

Specifications for raw materials and ingredients should contain the following information:

1.Name of the material.

2.A description of the material, including biological, chemical and physical characteristics.

3.Composition of the material, including additives and processing aids.

4.Country of origin.

5.Method of production.

and other certain specifications according to the certain materials.

We should mark and remove the above elements to next manufacturing process so that we can make our products traceable. All products of your order can be traced to the raw materials, that makes your order reliable and acceptable. You can See our products here to find out your demanded ones.

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