The most used methods of cutting in our factory are saw cutting, blame cutting and laser cutting.

Saw cutting is performed using a band saw in the horizontal or vertical position. Saw cutting is a relatively slow but very robust cutting process. Because it can be used cut many different types and shapes of metal. Typically, a coolant is used in order to remove the heat that is caused by friction from the saw blade cutting the metal.

Flame cutting is another method of a cutting process. For example, oxy-fuel flame cutting uses the combination of oxygen and a fuel such as acetylene or propylene to create a flame that melts the metal. The flow of the oxy-fuel gas mixture is also used to blow the molten metal and then create the cut.

Laser cutting is also a cutting process, with laser energy being used to melt the metal. A monochromatic and coherent light beam is created within a laser resonator and focused through a lens onto the metal material. This causes the target sections of the metal to become heated and melt, resulting in a cut.

By using the above cutting methods, the raw materials(pipe and plate) are cut into certain sizes and ready to forming into pipe fittingsflanges and other customised products( bend and fabricated products).


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