How to store pipeline products and their raw materials ?

The quality of raw materials greatly affects the quality of piping products. After the purchase of raw materials, they need to be stored properly to avoid corrosion and damage. 

Select suitable storage space :

  • The site or warehouse for the storage of steel shall be in a clean place with unobstructed drainage, away from the factories or mines producing harmful gases or dust.Site to remove weeds and all sundries, keep the steel clean.
  • Steel products could not be stacked together with acid, alkali, salt, cement and other corrosive materials to steel in the warehouse.Different types of steel shall be stacked separately to prevent confusion and corrosion.
  • Large section steels, rails, steel plates, large-caliber steel pipes and forgings could be stacked in the open air.
  • Medium and small-sized section steel and medium caliber steel pipe, etc., can be stored in the material shed with good ventilation.
  • Some small steel, thin steel plate, small caliber or thin-wall steel pipe, all kinds of cold rolled steel, cold drawn steel and metal products with high price and easy corrosion can be stored in storage.
  • The warehouse shall be selected according to geographical conditions and measures shall be taken according to the local conditions.General use of the general enclosed warehouse, that is, there is a roof wall, doors and windows are tight, with ventilation equipment warehouse.
  • The storeroom should be ventilated on sunny days, closed and moisture-proof on rainy days, and always keep a proper storage environment.


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