All the raw materials are well checked and then can be accepted for storage.

1.Visual inspection of material to check for any damage, pitting, corrosion, excessive rusting and so on.

2.Dimensional material inspection to check pipe diameter, pipe ovality, thickness, straightness etc.

3.Mill marking verification to ensure all required markings such as heat nos., mill name, size, material specification etc. As required by code & specification


4.Review of material test reports to ensure all chemical & mechanical properties including hardness values are recorded. We purchase raw materials from our approved suppliers, if exceeds the certain range, the relevant qualification procedures must be approved by the quality department first.

This is the tested parts of the raw materials:

The following are our main reliable suppliers:

Reliable raw materials can lay fundation for qualified products. Pipe fittings, flanges and line pipes. Our featured products are clad produts, including clad flange, clad pipe fitting and clad line pipe, mechanical line pipe. Welcome to our factory to have a business trip.

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