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Plastic-coated steel pipes may be familiar to customers, but how accurate is its production? What is the whole process? The following editor will explain one by one for you:

Coatings for plastic-coated steel pipes mainly include epoxy powder coatings, epoxy matte powder coatings, epoxy matte powder coatings, epoxy semi-gloss or flat powder coatings, epoxy electrophoretic powder coatings, and conductive and flame-retardant powder coatings.
① Epoxy powder coatings have strong adaptability and can be formed by electrostatic spraying, fluidized bed dipping, electrostatic fluidized bed dipping, flame spraying and other methods, among which electrostatic powder coatings are mostly;
②The electrostatic coating voltage of epoxy powder coating is generally 40-80kV, the distance is kept at 150-300mm, and the powder spraying amount should be balanced, which is 70-200g/min.
Plastic coated steel pipe
③ The number of times of electrostatic spraying of epoxy powder coatings should not be too much;
④ The curing temperature and time of the epoxy powder coating should strictly meet the requirements, and the baking temperature should be uniform to avoid the local baking temperature being too high or too low;
⑤ When spraying epoxy powder coatings, problems such as dust pollution and dust explosion should not be ignored.

Epoxy powder coatings are not suitable for substrates with poor heat resistance, because their curing temperature is higher, up to 140°C, and can be used for electrical switchgear, electronic instruments, metal silicon boxes, etc., motor rotors or decorative protection of motors. Electrical insulation protection of copper rods, anti-corrosion and anti-rust effects of kitchen utensils, auto parts, ships, building materials, underground facilities, etc. At present, the topic of building a conservation-oriented society is well-known to everyone. High-performance anti-corrosion coatings that are more effective and environmentally friendly must be developed. With the maturity of anti-corrosion technology, anti-corrosion coatings will be further developed.

The main application areas of heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings are harsh environments with prominent corrosion problems and industrial areas where short-term maintenance is not convenient.
The application fields of plastic-coated steel pipe are as follows:
①Modern transportation: highway guardrails, bridges, ships, containers, trains and railway facilities, automobiles, airport facilities;
②Emerging offshore engineering: offshore installations, coastal and bay structures, offshore oil drilling platforms;
③ Municipal facilities: gas pipelines and their facilities (such as gas storage tanks), pipelines, drinking water facilities, garbage disposal equipment, etc.
④ Energy industry: hydraulic equipment, water storage tanks, gas storage tanks, oil refining equipment, oil storage equipment (oil pipelines, oil storage tanks), power transmission and transformation equipment, nuclear power, coal mines;
⑤Large industrial enterprises: papermaking equipment, food and chemical equipment, inner and outer walls of metal containers, chemical, steel, petrochemical plant pipes, storage tanks, mining and smelting, cement plant equipment, floors with corrosive media, walls and Cement components.

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