Elbow Fittings

Some small knowledge that high-pressure elbow should learn

(1) Causes of crack defects and preventive measures:
① Search for relevant literature, collect relevant information on cracks in high-pressure elbows, conduct comprehensive analysis and research on elbows with crack defects, and analyze the causes of elbow cracks from the aspects of elbow material selection, manufacturing process and use;
② Aiming at the causes of elbow crack defects, analyze how to avoid crack defects during use.
⑵ Basic theoretical research on ultrasonic testing:
①Learn the basic knowledge of ultrasound, research and analyze the theory of ultrasonic testing, understand the working principle of ultrasonic testing, and master the propagation characteristics of ultrasonic waves;
②Learn new laser ultrasonic testing technology, research and analyze the generation and reception of sound waves of new laser technology, and understand its application in the field of nondestructive testing.
(3) Research on Ultrasonic Detection Technology for Crack Defects:
①Learn the principle and method of digital ultrasonic detector. Analyze traditional ultrasonic testing technology and choose reasonable testing equipment and methods;
② Positioning, quantitative and qualitative research on crack defects with digital ultrasonic flaw detector
③According to the on-site investigation, determine the common crack defects of elbows, and analyze the detection process and precautions when ultrasonic shear waves are used to detect crack defects on site.
⑷Experimental research on crack defect detection:
① Use a digital ultrasonic flaw detector to detect the defect test block, select the appropriate probe and coupling agent and other related tools, complete the detection experiment, determine the size and position of the defect, and conduct analysis and research;
②Use the laser ultrasonic visual inspection instrument to inspect the test block, and determine the position and shape of the defect through three inspections under different conditions, and analyze and study it;
③Comparative analysis of the two detection methods, using digital ultrasonic flaw detector and laser visual detector in combination, absorbing the strengths of the two detection methods, detecting crack defects, from the aspects of defect location and quantification, etc. Research to obtain effective detection methods.

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