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1. Butt welding loose sleeve flange: the steps of connecting the pipe or valve parts: insert the flange into the pipe end, butt weld the window cover on the pipe end, and tighten the two cuffs. This type of flange is used in occasions with high nominal pressure.
2. Split-type loose sleeve flange: split-type loose sleeve flange is generally used for the connection of pipes and pipe fittings with flanges at the end, such as two acid-resistant phenolic plastic pipes, chemical ceramic pipes, high-silicon cast iron farmers and herdsmen , glass steel pipes, etc., the end faces of the flanges of these pipes are the sealing surfaces. The installation of this type of flange is relatively simple, just place the flange magnet on the flanges at both ends of the pipe body, and tighten the bolts to connect the pipe.
3. Rolled loose flange: It is mainly used for plastic pipes and non-ferrous metal pipes, and its flanges can be made of carbon steel. Installation steps: Put the flange into the pipe end first, and then flang the pipe end. The curled edge is used as the sealing surface, and the pipe or pipe fitting can be connected by tightening the two flanges.
4. Slip-on loose flange: This type of flange is mainly used for stainless steel pipes, aluminum and aluminum alloy pipes, steel and copper alloy pipes, plastic pipes, etc. Flanges can be made of carbon steel. Installation steps: first put the flange into the pipe end, weld the welding ring on the pipe end, use the welding sky as the sealing surface, and tighten the two flanges to connect the pipe or pipe fittings. The welding method of the welding ring is the same as that of the flat welding flange, and the inner and outer surfaces connected to the pipe must be welded. The welding ring is made of the same material as the pipe to save costs.
5. Sleeve-type loose flange: it is a flexible connection method, generally used for glass pipes, chemical ceramic pipes and connections. Connection steps: Put a sleeve between the flat-mouthed pipes or fittings, tighten the bolts of the rubber ring and the flange to connect the two flanges, and then press the rubber ring tightly on the annular gap between the sleeve and the pipe or fitting.

advantages of a lap joint flange
What are two advantages of a lap joint flange?
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Lap Joint Flanges maufacturer
Lap Joint Flanges maufacturer – Longtaidi
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