Api 6a Flanges Manufacturer

Calculation formula of flat flange: (outer diameter*outer diameter-inner diameter*inner diameter-aperture*aperture*number of holes)*thickness*0.616*0.00001
It is best to provide the lower bolt diameter and the number of bolt holes
Outer diameter*outer diameter-inner diameter*inner diameter-aperture*aperture*number of holes)*thickness*0.617*0.00001

The specific gravity of iron is about 7.9; the specific gravity of copper is about 8.9. The weight of the flange can be calculated as follows: the square of the outer circle radius minus the square of the inner circle radius multiplied by the height multiplied by the specific gravity, (R×R-r×r)Л×height ×Specific gravity.
Take the first half-plate as an example (assumed to be iron, in millimeters):

This flange weighs 59.8 kg
Flange: (outer diameter * outer diameter – inner diameter * inner diameter – hole diameter * hole diameter * number of holes) * thickness * 0.616 * 0.0001 unit cm
Elbow: (caliber – thickness) * thickness * 0.02466 * length = weight (kg)


LONGTAIDI is Largest manufacturer for piping in Northern China, with more than 15 years experience of manufacturing and exporting with below category,
1. Steel fittings, flange (carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel)
2. Cladded(Weld-Overlay) pipe, fittings, flange & MLP (Mechanical Lined Pipes)
3. Pre-fabrication, piping spools etc.
LONGTAIDI is TOP 3 manufacturer for Cladded piping (welded-overlay) & MLP (Mechanical Lined Pipes, Patent Owned) from China.
Main markets are Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Refinery, Power plant, LNG, FPSOs.
Registered capital of 20 Million USD, workshop area is 258, 000 Square meters, with 338 workers and engineers.
LONGTAIDI prides itself in its commitment to quality and integrity both in our products and attitude towards the client, supplier and all stakeholders in the group.
1.2. Reference market
GCC(UAE, OMAN, KUWAIT etc), CIS (Russia, Kazakhstan etc), North Africa (Algeria)
South America(Brazil, Argentina, Peru), EUROPE for contractors & end users (Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands etc)

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