Cold forming is not performed by heating the materials for punching, bending, stretching and other processing methods. Cold forming are including cold heading, cold rolled, forging and so on.

Compared with the seamless steel pipe, cold forming straight seam welded steel pipe has a large diameter, lower production costs for the production of steel products. Cold formed sheet steel is made by cold bending welded straight seam welded round steel pipes generally have one or two straight weld.

Cold press forming by mold is suitable for production of seamless carbon steel pipe fittings. Through this process that cold forming press and corresponding mold, we can make use of steel pipe of various sizes to produce elbow pipe fittings of corresponding size. For example, steel pipes with diameter of 6 inches are used for production of elbow with diameter of 6 inches.

Raw materials applied during this kind of production process are usually seamless steel pipes or welded pipes. The material could be stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, super duplex stainless steel, copper and aluminum. Since no further welding is required, the production process is much simpler than compression forming process for steel plate made pipe fittings production. The pieces outputted from the cold forming press will go into heat treatment directly. Then subsequent metal processing, surface treatment and pickling and passivation follows.

The following pictures are two sets of equipment of cold forming.


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