On March 8, the epidemic came suddenly and swept Cangzhou. The epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the people of Longtaidi have helped each other, shouldered their responsibilities bravely, and devoted themselves to fighting the epidemic during this special period!

Longtaidi cares for the health of employees, distributes masks to employees, and does a good job in personal protection of employees.

Actively respond to the nucleic acid detection work organized by the unified government. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the employees of Longtaidi have worked hard and actively cooperated with medical staff, and participated in 17 rounds of nucleic acid testing throughout the process to ensure that no one is missed.


Disinfection is not slack. Spray and disinfect the office area, staff restaurant, staff dormitory and other crowded places every day.


Carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng and participate in volunteer services. The three volunteers braved the rain and snow, not afraid of the severe cold, and delivered daily necessities to the closed community to provide them with epidemic prevention protection. We are proud of them. They are also heros.

Take social responsibility and give love selflessly. Deputy General Manager Yang Lianhe donated 100,000 yuan to the Development Zone Management Committee for anti-epidemic prevention and control on behalf of Longtaidi.

Deputy General Manager Yang Lianhe said: “Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the staff who are fighting on the front line of the epidemic have abandoned their homes and protected everyone. They have made selfless dedication day and night, and provided meticulous service to the company. They are willing to work together and wait for the spring to bloom.” Fighting the epidemic with one heart and overcoming the difficulties together, Longtaidi, be with you all!

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