Longtaidi always adheres to the strategy of developing enterprises through science and technology, attaches great importance to scientific and technological progress and the development and application of new technologies and new products, and is committed to providing high-quality products to the related industries all around the world. It is a R&D center of high-tech enterprise in Hebei Province. Longtaidi is also the Hebei Enterprise Technology Center.

Hebei University of Technology is a 211 engineering college in China. The School of Materials Science and Engineering consists of the Department of Metal Materials Engineering, the Department of Material Forming and Control, the Institute of Metal Materials, and the Institute of Foundry. It has a first-level doctoral program and a post-doctoral research station. It has presided over more than 200 provincial and ministerial scientific research projects, obtained more than 150 national invention patents, published more than 300 high-level professional papers retrieved by SCI every year, and formulated 2 national standards. It has won 16 awards for various scientific research achievements including the Provincial Outstanding Contribution Award and the provincial and ministerial first and second prizes. The scientific research strength and talent cultivation strength are outstanding.










The strategic cooperation of “production, learning, and research” with well-known universities is our company actively responds to the work deployment and requirements of Cangzhou Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Government.  Promotes the in-depth integration of industry, education and research, gathers high-end innovative elements, and cultivates strategies Emerging industries, a beneficial attempt to help industrial transformation and upgrading.

The chairman of the company Wang Chunjian was invited to attend the meeting and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zheng Shijian, Dean of the School of Materials, Hebei University of Technology.

The two parties agreed to use Longtaidi as the employment and internship base for students of the School of Materials Science and Technology of Hebei University of Technology. Hebei University of Technology will provide service support in terms of technology development and employee training, and give priority to Longtaidi to provide qualified talents; Longtaidi will give priority to students to come to the company for internships and provide technical and business guidance to intern students.

The leaders of Hebei University of Technology visited the production workshop and factory area accompanied by the leaders of Longtaidi Company.

The signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between the two parties will surely further promote the “production, learning, and research” cooperation between schools and enterprises, promote the transformation of science and technology, promote the training of high-end practical talents, and further help the enterprise to develop better! We look forward to and believe that the cooperation between the two parties will yield fruitful results!


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