On New Year’s Day 2022, Longtaidi Pipe Technology Co., Ltd. held a flag-raising ceremony. Chairman Wang Chunjian attended and delivered a speech.

The flag-raising ceremony officially started at 8:30 in the morning. When the exciting and majestic “March of the Volunteers” sounded, the national flag rose slowly and fluttered high in the morning breeze. All the people present solemnly saluted the national flag and sang the national anthem. The banner of Longtaidi Company was raised simultaneously, opening a new journey and a new chapter.

The company’s chairman Wang Chunjian  first expressed his sincere gratitude to all the employees who have been working hard in the production line and in their respective positions over the past year, and to the family members who silently supported the work of the employees. Best wishes for the new year!

The chairman emphasized that in the past year, we have maintained our original advantages in market development and made new breakthroughs in a number of national key projects. Through the addition of new equipment, the transformation and upgrading of the old equipment, and the adjustment of the production line, the production capacity has been greatly improved, the production line layout is more scientific and reasonable, and the production site management has been improved; technological innovation and process improvement have also been achieved. Great progress. In the past year, a total of 6 utility model patents have been obtained, passed the re-examination of provincial high-tech enterprises, and enjoyed the preferential policies given by the state; at the same time, it has also become the only company in Cangzhou Economic Development Zone that has successfully applied for the transformation of major achievements in Hebei Province. Enterprise; started the design of CRM and MES management system, and carried out “production, learning, and research” cooperation with Hebei University of Technology and other universities, opening a new journey to realize manufacturing automation, digitization and intelligent construction. It has completed the “three systems” and additional production license review, and obtained a number of shortlisted qualifications in domestic and foreign markets. Our various management work has been comprehensively strengthened.

Last year was a safe and peaceful year. We believe this new year will still be a safe and successful year.

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