At the beginning of August, the gas manifold product customized for a certain customer was completed and shipped, which is another breakthrough for our company in the field of new products.

The manifold product is used in the LNG project receiving station, which is divided into two parts: the inlet manifold and the outlet manifold. The design pressure of the project is 15.7MPa, and the main body is drawn with API 5L X80Q D1016×48mm seamless steel pipes. The total length of a single set of gas manifolds is 18.3 meters, and the weight of the inlet and outlet gas pipes is nearly 30 tons.

The gas collecting pipe is a special-shaped product with high technical content and an abnormal model and specification. The production period of the product is in the summer, the weather is sultry, the air is humid, and the thick air seems to be frozen. However, the workshop was in full swing, and everyone was sweating profusely because of their busy work. Due to the tight production schedule and the sweltering weather, the workers were not able to stop working.

The delivery team of the material department also works on the front line, trying their best to complete every task under pressure and overcoming difficulties. In the face of the delivery task of the gas collecting pipe, the female workers have shown the spirit of not giving in to men. For this task, a single manifold will be shipped within 2 days. It also needs to be coated with three layers of paint and packaging. The thickness of the paint should be greater than 300NM. The time is too tight for a 40-inch and 18-meter manifold. After careful deployment, it was decided to The packaging operation time and production interspersed to save time, and developed a shipping plan to fix the bracket and increase the counterweight for the ultra-wide and ultra-long loading and transportation.

Where there is a goal, there is a direction. The material department converts pressure into motivation. The employees work overtime to complete the task as scheduled and deliver it smoothly, which not only meets customer requirements but also wins credibility.

Success is due more to enthusiasm than to ability; the winner is the one who dedicates his body and soul to his work. Here we pay tribute to every employee who has made a silent contribution!

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