Longtaidi Company takes multiple measures to fight the epidemic, stabilize production, and ensure delivery OF the orders.

At the beginning of March, the raging epidemic suddenly struck. Overnight, the city pressed the pause button, all personnel were isolated on the spot, traffic was controlled, and vehicles were banned from the road.

Under this situation, some workers are unable to come to work, the company has difficulty in the dispatch and transportation of raw materials and auxiliary materials, and there is a shortage of goods. It brings severe challenges to complete the production tasks as scheduled.

The leaders of Longtaidi Company made overall arrangements and deployed quickly, focusing on epidemic prevention and control on the one hand, and production and supply on the other, and went all out to maintain the stability of the workforce and the production and operation of the enterprise.

The office actively contacted the Economic Development Bureau of the Development Zone and the Public Security Traffic Police Brigade, coordinated and communicated to solve transportation problems during the supply of raw materials and auxiliary materials, and improved the procedures for trucks getting on and off the high-speed and entering and leaving the factory area to ensure that production will not stop production during the epidemic.

The company arranges special personnel to do a good job in the disinfection and sterilization of vehicles entering and leaving the factory, implements the epidemic prevention requirements for non-local drivers entering the factory, and smoothes all aspects of logistics and transportation under the premise of ensuring safety.

Difficulties are only temporary. All the staff of Longtaidi will uphold the working attitude of “do not seek easy, do not take refuge”, establish a belief in victory, advance despite difficulties, and go all out to ensure an industrial park project in Erdo, Inner Mongolia, and a certain section of the Sino-Russian pipeline. Item delivered on time.

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