China induction bend

It’s our honor that we are the pipeline supplier for this project: JUBAIL IG NETWORK PIPELINE in SAUDI ARABIA. SAUDI ARABIA is our main exporting district and main customers region. I think Longtaidi is much more popular in the SAUDI ARABIA district.

The following products are what we supplied to this project:


induction bend manufacturer in China
Induction bend
Induction Pipe Bend
Induction Pipe Bending by Longtaidi

The order value is : >ONE Million USD

Longtaidi has more than 30 years of experience in the same industry. and Longtaidi is famous for its high-quality pipe fittings, Large diameter, clad, forged and welded pipe fittings and flanges, bends, prefabricated products.
Longtaidi has been approved as the supplier of ADNOC, KOC and MODEC. Our products are API & ISO certificated.
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