June of this year is the 20th National “Safety Production Month” in Longtaidi. In order to thoroughly implement the general secretary’s important statement on safe production, firmly establish the concept of safe development, and pass on the theme of “Implementing Safety Responsibilities and Promoting Safe Development” of Safety Production Month, Long Taidi Organized fire protection knowledge training and special fire drills to further enhance employees’ awareness of fire prevention and improve fire prevention and emergency response capabilities.

We must take the theme of “Implement Safety Responsibility and Promote Safety Development” as our guide, focus on the company’s annual safety management goals, thoroughly implement the safety production policy of “safety first, prevent mainly”, and improve safety production management capabilities and level, in order to create a safe and stable environment for the company’s development.

Everyone must always tighten the string of safe production, always maintain a strong sense of responsibility and concern, and effectively infiltrate safety work into every link of production safety, mechanical equipment safety and personal safety; and improve their own psychological quality and response to dangerous situations. Comprehensive skills, proficiency in the use of fire-fighting equipment, timely detection of problems, supervision of rectification, elimination of hidden dangers, and jointly create safety Long Taidi.

In order to help everyone master the method of using fire-fighting equipment after a fire broke out, Longtaidi organized everyone to carry out fire-fighting operations in the open area of the factory. In the face of the oil drum that suddenly caught fire, the trainees responded quickly. According to the fire extinguishing method and steps, the fire extinguisher safety plug was pulled out, and the handle was held in one hand, and the nozzle in the other hand, spraying evenly against the root of the fire, and the flame was successfully extinguished.

This fire safety exercise not only allowed employees to learn how to prevent fires and early fire fighting and other fire safety knowledge, but also established the safety concept of “fire prevention must be prevented before they occur”, and they also mastered the correct use of fire extinguishers, which effectively improved The staff’s ability to deal with emergencies and actual fire fighting and disaster relief skills tightened the life “safety valve”, laying a good foundation for effectively curbing the occurrence of fire accidents and ensuring a safe and orderly working environment, achieving the expected results of the drill.

Safety production and work is the cornerstone and lifeline of Longtaidi’ enterprise development.

Long Taidi has always firmly established the red line awareness and bottom line thinking of safe production, paid close attention to enterprise safety management work, and promoted safe production in depth. Next, Longtaidi will take the “Safety Production Month” event as an opportunity to strictly follow the activity requirements and the special safety production rectification plan, implement the safety concept, strengthen the implementation of safety production responsibilities, investigate safety hazards, and promote safety management. At the same time, through the development of various types of safety education and training activities, we will further enhance the safety production awareness of all employees, and strive to build a tight safety line of defense and an interlocking responsibility transmission chain, to ensure orderly and controllable management, and to escort the company’s safe production and quality control .

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