On August 16, Mr. Xing and Mr. Yang participated in the joint morning meeting held by the third branch, the quality inspection department and the R&D department, and awarded bonuses to those who contributed to the research and development of permeable water treatment equipment. A total of 4 comrades won the award, and Chen Wentong, an old technology, was in the company. The whole group expressed their thoughts and shared their gratitude and excitement for the success of the experiment.

Since the research on infiltration water treatment equipment, relevant personnel have worked hard to explore, actively cooperate, and tried every means to ensure the normal inspection progress of infiltration work under strict environmental protection requirements. After continuous sampling and dosing test ratios, repeated exploration of the process and on-site equipment route transformation, the sewage after the penetration test was successfully purified. After testing by the relevant three-party testing agencies, the water quality reached the relevant standards, and the equipment research and development achieved phased results. Everyone is happy Encouraged, the enthusiasm of all employees to participate in research and development, technical transformation, and rationalization suggestions was once again stimulated.

Longtaidi Pipeline Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional high-tech enterprise integrating the research and development, production and sales of composite pipes and pipe fittings. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to the research and development, production, integration, sales and international trade of new pipeline equipment products, new materials, new technologies, and industrial intelligence series. In recent years, 18 scientific and technological achievements have been transformed through original innovation, independent development, digestion and absorption of imported technologies, industry-university-research cooperation, and inter-enterprise cooperation. The company has obtained 5 invention patents and 49 utility model certificates through independent research and development, and its related technologies have been applied to the actual production of various products of our company.

In 2022, the company has set up 11 scientific research projects. The company has successively issued awards for innovative R&D teams such as “Construction and Implementation of Prefabricated Production Lines” and “Technical Transformation of Medium Frequency Power Supply for New Equipment”, and commended 10 awards for team and individual innovation achievements. Type welding machine water cooling device, high-grade large-diameter low-temperature seamless steel pipe, and innovative achievements in system operation and management have won the first, second, and third prizes for innovation achievements. More than 30 people from the Ministry and other departments have won awards, with a bonus of about 40,000 yuan.

The company’s technological innovation activities have been fruitful, and new product development, process improvement, and innovation projects have made great progress. On the basis of having obtained 5 invention patents and 49 utility model patent certificates, the company has declared 2 utility model patents in the first half of this year. , 1 invention patent, which has been announced in the stage of high-level declaration on the basis of the original high-tech enterprise, specialization and new technology center, and three scientific research-oriented enterprise honors. In the first half of the year, it jointly developed Ti75 φ426×10 R =640 thin-walled 1.5D elbow has successfully achieved the successful bending of φ426×8 R=640 carbon steel pipe. With the follow-up of the later test and the improvement of equipment, it is expected to achieve the final breakthrough and create a domestic leading technology.

With a good atmosphere of innovation and scientific research, coupled with the enthusiasm of the staff for research and development and timely recognition and incentives, I believe that Longtaidi will write a better chapter on the road of scientific and technological development!

Longtaidi has always insisted that innovation is the core and soul of enterprise development. Choose Longtaidi, your right choice.

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