As you know LTD has more than 30 years experience in pipe fitting fields in China. Recent years, we came out a new technical method by researching and developing, that is clad pipe fittings and flange. Also mechanical line pipe and weld overlay pipe.

  1. Molding Process: Use vertical or horizontal surfacing cladding machine to cladthe inner wall of products
  2. B. Manufacture Processfor mechanical line pipe:Through a special mechanical composite  method to realize interference fit process

lain Material: Base: Carbon Steel,Alloy Steel, Pipeline Steel, etc.

CRA Materials:Stainless Steel、Duplex Steel、Nickel Base Alloy、Titanium、Cupreous and other Non-ferrous Metals

Process Characteristics: the production process is easy to control;

the production cycle is short;

the production process parameters are stable;

the batch product quality is stable.

Application Condition: Widely used in Petrochemical, Coal Chemical, Refining,oil and Gas Transmission, Marine Environment, Power, Heating and Other projects

Specification Scope:Diameter from 18mm to 711mm or customised according to your requirements.

Learn more about this cost-effective method and products, please contact us.

You can save much money and get the same preformance requirements.

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