Time flies.Since its inception, Longtaidi company has been through 20 years. In the grand development process of the cross-century, Longtaidi adheres to the core concept of “sincere and trustworthy, strive for perfection”, with a firm, tenacious spirit and perseverance, quality pursuit of excellence, enterprise striving for first-class, engraved with a sweaty work picture.The company has achieved a breakthrough from quantitative change to qualitative change. The company has developed a new situation with the new century and wrote a brand new chapter!

The development history of the company has been precious for many years.The company has created a brand with quality, promoted development with innovation, closely grasped the development trend of the market, extensively developed international cooperation, actively carried out external exchanges, continuously strengthened internal reforms, established a sound talent absorption mechanism, and attached importance to cultivating enterprises culture,have the courage to bear the social responsibility,from the beginning of greater investment, the compaction stage every step to expand scale, across the stage of development, make the company towards the road of sustainable development of the glorious! With diligence and sweat poured out the beautiful flowers of the dream!

The hand is cherished by the singer, and the heart is gracious. We are grateful: Today’s Longtaidi is the crystallization of the courage and hard work of the Longtaidi people, and it is also the embodiment of the support and care of friends from all walks of life. It is you, we have today’s achievements and self-confidence, it is you, we have the motivation and courage to move forward.Here, I sincerely thank all the staff of the company for their sincere gratitude to the new and old friends from all walks of life who have given us warm support and friendly cooperation! We are eager for a win-win situation:We are willing to work together with social colleagues, through thick and thin, and seek common development.We are not only your partners, but also your most reliable friends!

Life is great because of dream, the world is wonderful because of creation! Today’s Longtaidi has been on a broader development platform.In the face of new opportunities and challenges, we will continue to fulfill our social and economic responsibilities.Strive to improve the technical level of the industry;Driven by reform and innovation;Pursue harmonious development among society, enterprises and employees.Based in hebei, radiating the whole country, looking around the world, with “integrity and quality” to shape the outstanding brand of China’s pipeline industry.

We firmly believe that the increasingly mature longtaidi people will lead the pipeline industry to stride forward with more steady pace, with the sense of urgency of time waiting for no one else, and with the sense of mission of no one else, and create the glory and dream full of longtaidi spirit with the aura of bathing times, reflecting the characteristics of China.May our tomorrow be better!

Sincere friends from all walks of life to weave a blueprint, sincere cooperation!